Core Values

We respect one another
We expect mutual respect between staff, between students and between staff and pupils.
• We aim to prepare young people for adult life through teaching the rights and responsibilities of being a member of a community.

We value the wellbeing of all staff and pupils
• We aim to develop good self esteem and self confidence in a positive environment.
• We aim for all staff and pupils to feel safe, supported, cared for and protected, so that we can try new things and be ourselves.
• We will work together to achieve an atmosphere of trust where staff and pupils know their viewpoints and feelings are valued.
• We will endeavour to promote a sense of happiness around the school; to provide a happy, safe and secure working atmosphere for all. 

We expect the best
• We believe that our expectations will lead to personal achievement and success that is a right for all.
• We strive to have a can-do attitude.
• We recognise and value the contribution of all members of the school community.

We value cooperative working
• We are committed to working together as a whole school so that each individual feels valued.
• We strive to achieve good teamwork which will support everyone within the school community.

We recognise that everyone is an individual and we value diversity
• We value and respect diversity; we actively celebrate diversity within our own community.
• We promote and provide equal opportunities and equity of provision.
• We recognise that different people have different needs and we strive to meet the needs of all within the school community.

We value learning
• We are a learning school that recognises the right of all to lifelong learning.
• All members of the school community work together to ensure that learning at The Birches is meaningful, challenging and fun.


Working Together
Achieving Together

Contact us at The Birches Specialist Support Primary School

Main Contact: Adel White
Newholme Road
West Didsbury
M20 2XZ
ofsted outstanding 2016/2017 lppa logo Gold School Games Award
national autistic society award 2022